Go Within So You Don't Go Without

Anchoring High Light breaks down how to create and master your psychic protection skills and navigate your energetics so that your physical and spiritual experience become aligned and empowered.


Gain access to proven tools and knowledge, create laser-like focus, join the spiritual FB tribe, and reprogram your avatar and light bodies for your supernatural earthly abilities to create and manifest in any realm.

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Learn practical engaging fundamental tools that you can use for the rest of your life that are potent, full proof and create a level of certainty and protection that is undeniable. This fundamental level of self care is a must for anyone using social media or breathing on the planet today. You hold the keys to the kingdom. You are meant to come alive and thrive. Be the change you seek in the world. Live with passion on purpose.


You are not alone. We are dedicated to your ongoing support with your FB community. Your investment will continuously profit and be enriched as the soul pod grows and learns together. Our population of like minded people will all rise in spirit together. We as a team will be answering all of your questions as they arise. Your community will contribute to you as you participate on the weekly LIVE Q&A / Practicing our Healing .......calls on FB.


In this course you will learn step by step instructions on how to practice and strengthen your spiritual skills. As you participate, miracles and magic begin to manifest. Your supernatural abilities become second nature and a divine connection to your innate intuition will be heightened. Your level of awareness and self care and self mastery will rise. With simple daily practice the tools come alive, they are fun and engaging, this is true magic. 

You Will Have Great Success...


The tools and methods you will learn have been practiced and proven for over 25 years with students and clients from all over the world.

Step out of the Matrix...

And step into your own divinity and the power that flows within you. Becoming Supernatural isn't airy-fairy. It's the Truth of Who You Are and the real possibilities of the dynamics in your human potential. 

Your Time Is Now

If you're an empath, star-seed, old soul or a sensitive there has never been a simpler, easier way for you to step into your Light Warrior Path and become empowered and self sufficient when it comes to your psychic, spiritual, and physical self-care and evolution.


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