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Anchoring High Light 12 Week Course


Gain Access to These Fundamental Tools and Practice to Elevate Your Life from the Inside Out

What you'll get:

  • 12  Week Ascension Course
  • Private FB Support Group | Lifetime Access
  • Weekly Live Q&A and Healing w/ Heather Renee | The Spiritual Engineer
  • Step by Step practical learning

[ This course is ALIVE, you will be working with your Ascension Path Blueprints and Higher Self ]

What People Are Saying:

“Be prepared for some amazing shifts when you take Heather's a course. You will continue to be amazed week by week, all i can say is practice practice practice. Put your spiritual growth in fast forward with her awesome insights and take your health to the next level. You will not be disappointed! ”

Rick From San Diego, CA

“Thanks Heather for the AHL course and all of the Healing it provides. My experience was one of great enlightenment. I feel much lighter in spirit and filled with great energy. Thank you so very much for this great experience and knowledge. I look forward to taking the next course. ”

Glenda From San Diego, CA

“Heather's course helped me release years of negative energy and open up to positive. The course continued to surprise me throughout each module my abilities began to rise. I will be practicing and using these skills for the rest of my life.”

John From Mexico City, MEX

“Heather as a very powerful medium and healer. Her course accesses information in higher realms, it is among the greatest I have found and the course tools are as simple to use as they are amazing. If you want big changes fast, take Heathers course! ”

Greg of San Diego, CA

“Heather is the best spiritual teacher I have ever worked with ever. In the course, I have had such powerful experiences from completing past based karma to amazing energetics. Completing my own past and manifesting exactly what I want. If you are ready for a spiritual, emotional, and total life transformation, I would take Heather's course. ”

Ryan from San Diego, CA

“Heather's insights and abilities are fabulous. She is a gifted healer who really types into your guides, your path lessons, and spiritual direction. Her course work is spot on and her prices are reasonable for someone who is the real deal. I have been blessed to be able to take the course. I have had some of the most amazing energetic experiences ever. The course is tuned it and tunes into you in what you need in the moment. ”

Diana from Pleasant Grove, UT

“I learned how to release negativity in my life, I learned how to perceive opportunities to make changes that have an impact on my day to day living, and so much more. I've learned a lot, I have had some great experiences and feel that this is something I would like to build on and see where it leads me with my practice. In the last couple of weeks, I feel such a difference in my internal chatter. Listening more closely to what people are saying. Being more present in the moment. If you are searching for something new or a positive change in your life, this course is for you! Come with an open mind and just listen. Doesn't hurt and you will be astounded at what you learn in a very short amount of time. ”

Micky from San Diego, CA

“My experience with the course was amazing I felt such a great relief the more i practiced for 5 minutes in the am and 5 minutes in the pm I set my phone and did the practice and week by week I cleared through many of my bad habits and I am feeling alive creative and renewed! I would highly recommend all of my friends and family to take her courses. She's a miracle worker!”

Sophia From San Diego, CA

“This course is one of the most detailed yet simple explanations and ways for me to manage who I am and how I live my life from day to day. I've always been an empath and didn't really know what that meant until not too long and coming across this course has really allowed me to manage what I experience energetically, emotionally, and mentally when I'm around people. Just the way to clear my energy after I am around people is priceless! Also, the psychic protection and energy sets are super helpful to feel energized and alive. And the more I practice the more I notice my vision and third eye open up where I can see more and notice more. I'm so glad I took this course when I did, it was so worth the investment!”

Sebastian from San Diego, CA

“Heather is great! She's a wonderful teacher. I've been taking her spiritual engineering course Anchoring High Light, and I've learned so much. She provides great tools for grounding and clearing. Her course provides a safe environment for like-minded people to learn and heal. I've also scheduled a private healing session from her. It helped me release a lot of emotional pain and blockages, and I felt so much lighter afterward. I'm very thankful to have found Heather and the course.”

Carrie from San Diego, CA

““I experienced Heather's course and it literally healed my back pain that has been with me for over 10 years, a spinal fusion could not heal me this amazing course with this amazing healer did. So believe me when I say I have never met anyone on this planet in human form more powerful than this amazing woman. I ordered an encoded selenite wand, and I had the most powerful meditation of my life. I learned how to heal myself in the course as well thanks to her. this woman is the real deal. 100% ” ”

Seth From Salt Lake City, UT